The fetish each zodiac sign has definitely thought about


01/13​The fetish each zodiac sign has definitely thought about

​The fetish each zodiac sign has definitely thought about

We all have a weird fetish in our minds that we are too embarrassed or shy to talk about. Be it sex toys, BDSM, bathroom sex, or role-plays – all have a secret place in the minds of many of us. Still, we feel shy in revealing them or talking about them. Here is a look at the fetish each zodiac sign has definitely thought about.



Aquarians are intellectuals, so dirty talk is something they really like in bed and speaks of their love of the written and spoken word. They love hearing about their partner’s deepest fantasies.



Aries are natural leaders, which also makes them natural dominants. They love being in control in the bedroom, and like watching their partners submit to their every whim and command.



Cancer’s sensitive and giving nature makes them born submissives. They love being told what to do, and get immense pleasure out of following their dominator’s orders. Many Cancerians also like to use the blindfold and sensory tools like feathers or ice.



Capricorns are strategists, so in life, they like to take control of things. But like most people, Capricorns like to be dominated in the bedroom. Many Capricorns have a tendency to steer towards bondage.



Geminis are known to be spontaneios. Thus, a sudden and passionate quickie in a public place is their all-time favorite sexual fantasy.



Leos are fuelled by their creativity. So, the ability to create different characters and sexy scenarios using costumes and props drives them absolutely wild in the bedroom.



Libras are easy-going and fun, but they get the most enjoyment out of a toy in the bedroom, where they will always find creative uses for the gadgets.



Pisces are a water-based sign, and they are also inherently sensual. They love the texture of water running down their bodies. Therefore sex in showers, baths, lakes, and pools are their go-to fantasies.



Sagittarius are adventure-seeking, free-spirited adrenaline personalities who love trying out new partners and relationships, making them more likely to engage in polyamory.



Scorpios have dark mysterious personas, and many of them are not willing to share their partners with anyone. This obsessive, possessive quality translates into a dominating personality behind locked bedrooms.



Ruled by Venus, Taureans live to be pleasurably stimulated. Taureans have a special place for all body parts, but feet are the way to go with them. Foot fetishes are fairly common amongst this star sign, and many Taureans also love to make love with nothing on but the shoes!



One of the characteristics of a Virgo’s hidden dual personalities is that they love to play roles that they were not born to fill. Thus if you are getting intimate with a Virgo, it is time for some roleplay.



One of the characteristics of a Virgo’s hidden dual personalities is that they love to play roles that they were not born to fill. Thus if you are getting intimate with a Virgo, it is time for some roleplay.

TikTok swinger stuns platform by revealing that she lets her husband have sex with her mother

People say that the bond between a mother and a daughter is unmatched. And for one mother and daughter, they share everything, including the daughter’s husband.

Madi Brooks, who goes by @madibrooks567 on TikTok recently went viral for making this revelation about her swinger lifestyle.

Despite Madi being married, she and her mother both swing and will often switch partners at events.

“Me and my mom are both swingers and it’s great, you know why? Because when I’m not in the mood I can just let my husband have her,” she said in one video before she added, “Yeah, I’m that kind of wife.”

The video, which amassed 7.9 million views at the time of writing left thousands of people intrigued to find out more about the situation in the comments.

“How did that conversation ever initiate,” someone, evidently curious, asked.

Madi continued on to say in another video that she allows her husband to “have” her mum a few times a week. If her husband isn’t satisfied by the experience, then she’ll sometimes let her sister play with him as well.

“You wanna know how I keep my man happy? I let him play with my sister,” she said.

But not everyone is on board with their chosen lifestyle.

“Some things are just not meant to be posted on the internet,” someone wrote.

“You owe me money for crutches. I broke my ankle running to these comments,” someone else joked.

Someone else believed this was Jerry Springer inspired and wrote, “Swingers is one thing, but this is a whole other Jerry Springer Show.”

Swinging culture is based around the idea of polyamorous relationships, although it mainly focused on sex instead of long term relationships.

Overall,  polyamory has been around as long as people have.

In ancient Egypt, men had the right to marry as many women as they wanted – or rather could afford.


Fetish fan jailed for killing partner by falling asleep during bondage game


Warren Martin Coulton and Claire Joanne Wright. Warren Martin Coulton has been jailed for falling asleep while his partner, Claire Joanne Wright, was still gagged and tied up from one of their BDSM bondage sessions at Herons Lake Retreat in Flintshire, North Wales.
Warren Martin Coulton gagged Claire Joanne Wright with a sock and tied her hands behind her back (Pictures: Daily Post Wales)

A man has been jailed for killing his partner by falling asleep while she was tied up and gagged, leaving her to suffocate.

Warren Martin Coulton, 52, and Claire Joanne Wright, 38, went to Herons Lake Retreat in Flintshire, North Wales, and took sex toys to use in planned bondage sessions. They also brought tape and gloves to experiment with a BDSM fetish Coulton has had since his 20s. 

Coulton, the ‘dominant’ partner, rammed a pink sock into Ms Wright’s mouth while her hands were tied behind her back on July 15, 2018, Mold Crown Court heard.

He may have also taped her mouth shut with the sock inside, although he denied doing so. Investigations were not able to prove he did.

The operations manager, who worked at a window and office cleaning business, then fell asleep while Ms Wright was still restrained.

He had been drinking and doing drugs which made it difficult for him to stay awake, the court heard. When he did wake, he abandoned his partner of more than five years’ body and fled the scene, without calling emergency services.

Coulton denies gagging Ms Wright or taping her mouth, and insists her hands were only constrained loosely. 

Warren Martin Coulton. Warren Martin Coulton has been jailed for falling asleep while his partner, Claire Joanne Wright, was still gagged and tied up from one of their BDSM bondage sessions at Herons Lake Retreat in Flintshire, North Wales.
Warren Martin Coulton was sentenced to six years in prison for manslaughter by gross negligence (Picture: Daily Post Wales)

Speaking directly to Coulton, Mr Justice Simon Picken said: ‘On finding her [Claire] dead you did nothing to alert her family or the emergency services to what had happened and, instead, left, on your evidence, to commit suicide.

‘It’s difficult to detect remorse. Nonetheless, you have lost your partner of five and a half years in circumstances you plainly did not intend to happen.’ 

Coulton’s lawyer told the court: ‘There’s no doubt these tragic circumstances were not desired and the outcome not sought by this defendant.’

Mr Justice Picken agreed, but said Coulton was guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence, saying: ‘Either way, you were negligent and grossly so. It was your choice to drink to excess and take drugs. You did not have to do these things (but they have had) disastrous consequences.’ 

One of Ms Wright’s two children, 15, paid tribute to her mum. She said: ‘My Mum was so important to me. She was a bubbly character – full of life and energy.

‘Nothing in life makes me truly happy anymore. My childhood has been ruined forever. My life is so empty without my Mum.’ 

The teenager told the court she feels ‘survivor’s guilt’ and that she had wanted to see her mum grow old. 

Ms Wright’s sister, Kirsty, echoed similar feelings when she revealed she has suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) since her sibling’s death. 

‘I dream of being attacked, murdered or severely injured. I think it’s a way of assimilating my sister’s last moments,’ Kirsty said. 

Claire Wright. Warren Martin Coulton has been jailed for falling asleep while his partner, Claire Joanne Wright, was still gagged and tied up from one of their BDSM bondage sessions at Herons Lake Retreat in Flintshire, North Wales.
Claire Joanne Wright’s family said they have been in ‘total shock and disbelief ‘since her death (Picture: Daily Post Wales)

Ms Wright’s mum, Julie Davies, also said she and her family have been in ‘total shock and disbelief’. 

‘The thought that I will never hear her voice or or give her a hug again is unbearable,’ she added. 

North Wales Police said: ‘This was a tragic and needless death of a woman described by her friends and family as being a loving and caring mother.

‘Coulton had a responsibility to look after Claire’s welfare and he failed to do so with tragic consequences.

‘It was Coulton’s failure and lack of care towards Claire which ultimately led to her untimely death.

‘Today the court has recognised this failure, and he has been sentenced having been found guilty of manslaughter with gross negligence.

‘Today’s verdict demonstrates that we will leave no stone unturned in bringing the perpetrators of such crimes to justice.’



Photo courtesy of Bondesque


There’s a significant overlap between the kink community and the LGBTQ+ community. And for good reason: We aren’t afraid to express ourselves. Whether you’re an expert at bondage, or you haven’t tried anything kinkier than some fur-covered handcuffs, the folx at Bondesque are ready to help you discover your own sense of pleasure.

Bondesque, which opened its Uptown location in 2013, is a woman-owned and woman-led LGBTQ+ business with a focus on all things BDSM and fetish fashion.

“Seeing a demand for kink education and entertainment, Bondesque began offering workshops and producing high fashion fetish parties in 2014,” says Bondesque assistant manager, Vincent Valcroft. “By offering a holistic and integrated platform of kink resources, Bondesque has established itself as a trusted resource for the kink and fetish community.”

Not only does the team at Bondesque include members of the LGBTQ+ community, but it also continually strives to support the community, Valcroft says. 

Photo courtesy of Bondesque

“We have contributed to fundraisers and events such as the Twin Cities Pride Festival, Twin Cities Leather Weekend, the Pink & White Ball, the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival, the HER Minneapolis Winter Party, and more,” he says. “We remodeled our store in late 2019 with even more space for LGBTQ+ specialty products including leather apparel, pup gear, strap-on harnesses, breast forms, hip pads, other gender expression products, and specialty toy lines.”

Among the specialty toy lines are Oxballs, Fun Factory, SquarePegToys®, Hankey’s Toys, and Vixen Creations, as well as a specialty selection of strap-on harnesses and toys from brands such as Strap-On Me, Aslan Leather, Femina, Sportsheets, Axovus, and Kookie. 

“We maintain a huge focus on everything kinky, including latex apparel, hardcore bondage gear, floggers, paddles, CBT gear, chastity play, electro-stim, medical play, and just about anything else you can imagine,” Valcroft adds.

In addition to its variety of products, Bondesque also offers many classes focusing on BDSM education for the LGBTQ+ community.

Photo courtesy of Soul Focus Studios

“We regularly feature Swindle Leather as one of our main instructors on topics such as Gay Leather Rope Bondage, Young, Gay, & Kinky, Anal Sex for Men, Prostate Play, and CBT & Chastity Play,” Valcroft says. “We’ve also produced a Non-Binary Kink class featuring Mistress Nix. We are currently running classes with a twelve person maximum capacity.”

Bondesque’s popular monthly Open Dungeon Meet & Greets, which are queer-friendly educational spaces for all people to celebrate kink, try new things, and meet other people in the BDSM community, have been paused due to COVID-19, but Valcroft says the team is hopeful they will be able to resume them soon. Two of Bondesque’s other main fetish parties are the annual Rubber Ball USA, which is one of the largest fetish events in North America, and Underworld Kink Halloween Fetish Party.

Photo courtesy of Soul Focus Studios

“This year’s event will take place on the weekend of August 6-7 with venue locations at The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and The Historic Concord Exchange in South St. Paul,” Valcroft says. “For more information, please visit Tickets are not yet on sale as we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely, but updates will be forthcoming.”

Bondesque has been a staple in the kink and LGBTQ+ communities since its opening in 2013, but, like all small businesses, it faced its fair share of difficulties during the pandemic.

“COVID-19 has been immensely difficult for small, local businesses, and we are no exception. Early on in the pandemic, we implemented a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, which includes rigorous sanitizing standards for all equipment, hand sanitizing for all visitors, a mask requirement, and a limitation on the number of customers in the shop,” Valcroft says. “During the pandemic, we launched a brand new website which has helped us to provide new options for curbside pickup and faster than ever shipping for online orders.”

Photo courtesy of Bondesque

Because the pandemic required everything to go online for a while, Valcroft says Bondesque’s online presence has really taken off, giving him hope for the company’s bright future.

“I see us continuing to serve the kink and LGBTQ+ communities as the Twin Cities’ go-to fetish shop, and I see our shop’s online presence and reach growing even more,” he says.

For more information about Bondesque, visit For more information about
Bondesque’s classes, visit

Breaking taboos: Arab podcasts talk sex


Lebanese physician Sandrine Attallah recording her podcast "Haki Sarih" in a studio in the Lebanese capital Beirut
Lebanese physician Sandrine Attallah recording her podcast “Haki Sarih” in a studio in the Lebanese capital Beirut – HAKAWATI NETWORK/AFP

4 min

Beirut (AFP)

Porn, masturbation and anal sex: taboo-breaking podcasts for Arab audiences are shattering the silence that has stymied sex education at home and in the classroom.

“There’s a growing appetite for relatable content,” said Hebah Fisher of the UAE-based podcast company Kerning Cultures.

“Stories about our physical and mental bodily experiences is one piece of that.”

Kerning Cultures produces the podcast “Jasadi” or “My body” — launched in 2019 “to tell stories that weren’t being told”, Fisher said.

The podcast, which deals with mental and physical health including topics relating to sex and the body, is only one of a growing number of Arabic audio shows addressing issues long deemed taboo.

Jasadi is Kerning Culture’s third most popular show and the number of listeners, more than 70 percent of them female, has grown six-fold since its debut.

Apple named it one of the best Middle East and North Africa podcasts for 2020 and it is especially popular in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“Content created for us, by us is in high demand,” Fisher said.

This is “necessary content that we’ve all been craving, to better understand ourselves, this world, and our place in it.”

– ‘The first time’ –

One of Jasadi’s top three episodes — titled “The first time” — features two women, one from Jordan, the other from Sudan, who anonymously discuss the first time they heard about sex and their first experience having it.

“I don’t know why we have less acceptance for Arabic terms for genitals compared to English,” said one speaker who suffers from vaginal spasms — a condition known as vaginismus.

She said she especially has a problem with the formal Arabic term for vagina — “mahbal” — because of its proximity to the word “ahbal”, which translates as stupid.

The phonetic link has allowed for the term to be used as an insult or joke — one she often encountered as a schoolgirl.

“Not a single word referring to our sexual anatomy is used in a normal way,” she said, reflecting on how rarely Arabic terms for genitals are used outside the context of mockery.

Jasadi is not the only Arabic podcast feeding an appetite for open conversation.

“Eib”, or “Shame” in English, produced by the Jordan-based Sowt, has tackled controversial topics, including sex, porn and masturbation, since its launch in 2017.

“Eib is Sowt’s best show in terms of reach and listenership,” especially in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE, said spokesperson Maram Alnabali.

The number of listeners shot up to hundreds of thousands in 2020 and has continued to grow this year, Alnabali added.

In Lebanon, physician Sandrine Attallah has had to navigate mockery and misogyny when discussing sex on TV.

But behind the microphone of her weekly podcast, she serves up straight facts, uninterrupted, on topics such as premature ejaculation, clitoral orgasms and masturbation.

– ‘Educational’ –

Her audio show “Hakeh Sareeh”, or “Straight Talk”, has racked up more than one million downloads and streams, mostly in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE.

“We don’t have enough information about sex,” said the sexual medicine expert at the American University of Beirut medical centre.

“Even if you get some kind of sex education at school, you will not have information about how to masturbate, or how to reach an orgasm,” she said.

“You will not learn about fetish, or BDSM (bondage) or anal sex.”

Her audience, just over half of whom are female, has grown from 70,000 monthly listeners in April 2020 to 100,000 last March.

But Attallah’s efforts to challenge standard concepts around sex and sexuality have also been met with controversy.

Over the past year, she has experienced three “negative” interviews — the latest on a local talk show in March during which male presenters repeatedly silenced her and accused her of arousing the public.

“It was like a trap. It felt ridiculous,” she said.

“On live TV, they were saying I was seducing people and I was using incorrect terms and that my information was irrelevant.”

But on her podcast, produced by the Hakawati network, misogyny takes a back seat and sexuality isn’t treated as taboo.

“You only learn … It’s actual information, it’s very educational.”

Who was Mistress Velvet? ‘Dominatrix with syllabus’ who made White subs read Black feminist literature dies at 33


‘Just allowing them to be submissive doesn’t always allow for the more drastic shift in the framework and thinking that I want. So I have to bring in my girls, like Audre Lorde and Patricia Hill Collins, and make these men actually read about black feminism,’ she said

By Divya Kishore
Published on : 06:01 PST, May 11, 2021Tags :Chicago
                            Who was Mistress Velvet? ‘Dominatrix with syllabus’ who made White subs read Black feminist literature dies at 33Mistress Velvet’s death was announced on May 9. The Chicago-based master’s graduate was 33 (Instagram/missvchicago)

Mistress Velvet, a Dominatrix, famous for making White male clients read about Black feminist theories has died. The announcement was made on Sunday, May 9, through an Instagram post. However, the reason behind their death is not known yet. She was 33. The account — missvchicago — posted: “We grieve with you as we share the news of Mistress Velvet’s passing. We feel your love and thank you for your support.”

The post called Mistress Velvet “an icon” as it continued, “Their life as an African Feminist and Revolutionary Communist brings us closer to Their fierce vision of SW and Trans Liberation. Velvet, your presence in this world makes us better. Thank you for showing up unapologetically. We are all at a loss. We now honor Them by decriminalizing SW, demanding reparations, and fighting for Black Liberation. We know you’ll join us. Friends, lovers, admirers: share your memories of Velvet and how They inspired and challenged you to move through the world differently. A memorial service will be held at a date to be announced. With love, grief, and hope, Comrades of Mistress Velvet.”

The Sex Workers Outreach Project, also known as SWOP-USA, also took to Twitter to pay their tribute to the Chicago-based master’s graduate. The tweet stated, “We are heartbroken to learn that one of our Executive Directors has passed away. We will post memorial details when they become available.”

Who was Mistress Velvet?

A 2018 article by HuffPost that called Mistress Velvet “a dominatrix with a syllabus”, mentioned that they began their career “in professional BDSM a few years ago”. “I thought, well this could be something really fun, and it’s a lot of money, so why not try,” Mistress Velvet told the news website at the time. In the interview, they also explained, “I was not good at it at all. My first client ― he was so nice. After a few attempts, he said, ‘Honestly, you will never be a Domme,’ because I would apologize every time I hit him. I think that him saying that ― it kind of felt like a challenge to myself: I can be a Domme, I can do this.”

They added at the time: “Just allowing them to be submissive doesn’t always allow for the more drastic shift in the framework and thinking that I want. So I have to bring in my girls, like Audre Lorde and Patricia Hill Collins, and make these men actually read about black feminism. Then, it’s moving from them simply fetishizing black women, to realizing: This is a systemic issue I’m contributing to by the virtue of being a white man and being rich.”

Tributes for Mistress Velvet

Meanwhile, as the news of Mistress Velvet’s death spread, social media was flooded with tributes and love for them. One user tweeted, “This is horrible news! I met her on the EXPO floor at Chicago EXXXOTICA & we had a quick photo shoot & later another shoot in my suite. Velvet was an incredible person. I’m heartbroken over her passing & thankful that I met her & had the opportunity to spend time in her presence!” Another user noted, “Your brave work helped me start mine @MissVChicago thank you for being.” “I don’t want to be a white girl making this about me, so here is a master thread of the beautiful human we have lost in Mistress Velvet. If you are unfamiliar with their work, you owe it to yourself and your peers to have a look. They were and are an inspiration,” a tweet added.